Extensive services and high-performance equipment

Vétérinaires des Plaines-du-Loup offer you a wide range of medical services to guarantee the best quality of care for your animalary surgeons when the need arises.

Our expertise 

Whether in internal medicine, surgery or complementary medicine, Vétérinaires des Plaines-du-Loup cover many specific areas of care and work hand in hand with other specialist veterinary surgeons when the need arises.

  • General medicine / Prophylaxis
    Our vets will be delighted to support and advise you throughout your pet's life.
    Ideally, your pet will be looked after from an early age to discuss and prevent any health problems that may arise, or to treat illnesses as soon as they appear.

  • Internal medicine
    We have a wide range of skills and equipment that enable us to provide cutting-edge medicine, both in terms of diagnostic investigations and targeted treatments.
    This body of knowledge will be used to understand, diagnose and treat most of the medical problems that your pet may encounter during its life, whatever the organ or organs affected.
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  • Surgery and orthopaedics
    Surgery is one of the strong points of Vétérinaires des Plaines-du-Loup. We have the equipment and skills to perform surgeries of convenience (castration, sterilisation, including minimally invasive laparoscopy) as well as complex orthopaedic surgeries (fractures, ruptured ligaments, etc.), minimally invasive, digestive, urinary or laser surgery, for example. 
    You can rely on your vets even when your pet is in a delicate situation.
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  • Imaging
    Thanks to various imaging techniques, a fracture can be diagnosed quickly, and a breeder can discover his future kittens well before they are born... Imaging is becoming essential. At Les Plaines-du-Loup, you benefit from our experience and our comprehensive, high-performance equipment: X-rays, ultrasound, endoscopy, rhinoscopy...
    Imaging is a very important aid in giving your pet the best chances.
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  • Dental care
    We treat your pets' dental and oral ailments using modern medical techniques and equipment: scaling and polishing, dental extractions, etc. Oral problems are common and can cause your dog, cat or small pet to suffer. We are here to regularly check and treat their teeth..

  • Nutrition
    Whether you're looking for a balanced household ration, or a diet to meet your pet's specific needs, we'll be happy to advise you and provide you with the right dietary foods. A healthy, appropriate diet is essential for your pet's good health.
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  • Hospitalisation
    We have separate hospitalisation and recovery areas for cats and dogs to reduce their stress.  
    Our team looks after your pets whenever they need to spend time on our premises.

  • Small pets
    We can give you expert advice on everything from prevention (e.g. rabbit vaccinations) to the treatment of small pets. We take the utmost care of your furry, feathered or cold-blooded companions.

  • Laboratory
    To save you time, we have a fully-equipped laboratory on our premises for blood, urine and parasitological tests, microscopic examinations, etc. In an emergency, a rapid response can be life-saving for your pet.

  • K- LaserTM
    We are equipped with a therapeutic laser that works by photobiomodulation. Very useful in cases of inflammation, scarring, etc. Your pet can benefit from this technology.
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  • Chiropractic
    This manual method aims to restore the spinal column and all the joints to their innate freedom of movement in order to maintain health and treat locomotion disorders. This service is offered at the practice for the well-being of your pet.
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  • Emergencies 
    Our practice has a 24-hour on-call service. Please call 0900 900 969
    (2 CHF per minute) for emergencies outside our opening hours.